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Hilchot Shchenim (Neighbors)

In 2003 The Israeli Center for Digital Art has started an exhibition trilogy dealing with the concept of neighbors through the use of new-media art. For the first exhibition we used a famous Israeli children book called ‘An apartment for rent’ by Lea Goldberg. In the story the animals in an apartment building are looking for a new neighbor to move in after the mouse left. For the second exhibition which revolved around tactical media and the thin line between art and activism, we turned to the Greek mythology for narrative reference. We made a mix of the myth of the beautiful Siren with the enchanting voice and of the myth of Pereseus who used the Gorgon’s head for a shield. The third poster uses, again, a children’s story image: ‘Eliezer and the Carrot’. The exhibitions deals with Globalization and it’s influence on artistic work.

November 2003